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Rodina verzus práca: prenos, pozitíva, zmeny

Jakub Pikna

Abstract: The paper discuses a relationship between job responsibilities and family life in the context of an overlap between both areas, positives and changes. The main study objective is to identify problematic areas resulting from work—family conflict. The sample consisted of 130 respondents, including 82 women and 48 men. The research method was a self-designed non-standardized questionnaire. A simple analysis of frequencies, and percentages were used for data analysis. The biggest barrier of the relationship between work and family life is the absence of boundaries between the studied areas. Up to 68 % of the respondents work from home in nonworking time. The positives of practising a profession include experience, knowledge, self-realization and practice. The stated attributes are even preferred to financial evaluation with a lead of 17 %. The respondents see the solutions in the reduction of working hours and the introduction of better employee benefits (71 %). Twenty-nine per cent of the respondents do not want any changes. As the biggest problem we perceive insufficient support of employees by employers in the areas of solving problem situations in a workplace as well as an insufficient introduction of benefits and support in programmes for families. In the future, it would be suitable to measure the studied issue in a larger sample and with the use of more sophisticated statistical measurements, which might bring other more valid results.

Keywords: family, conflict, work-family conflict, Slovakia, benefits
Pages: 32 – 44
Doi: 10.17846/PP.2018.1.1.
Source: Pomáhajúce profesie, 2018, vol. 1, issue 1, pp. 32-44 (PDF)
Language: Slovak