Validita slovenskej verzie multimetódovej objektívnej testovej batérie záujmov (MOI)

Miriama Hudáková

Abstract: Multimethod objective interests test battery (MOI) represents an innovative multi-method approach to diagnosing career interests by combining explicit measure of interest (verbal questionnaire and nonverbal test) with implicit measurement (3 objective personality tests). The aim of this study was to verify the validity of the MOI in Slovak condition. MOI is based on Holland´s theory (1997), which distinguishes between realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising and conventional interests. We focused on verification of construct validity of individual MOI methods through examination of expected differences in career interests between men and women. The research sample consisted of 144 participants (66 men and 78 women). The average age of participants was 30.8 (SD = 12.05). We used a Multimethod Objective Interests Test Battery (MOI), whose validity we verified. Explicit MOI methods show acceptable validity, which was the most confirmed in nonverbal test. The results for objective tests don´t support their construct validity. Unconfirmed differences in career interests between men and woman in objective tests can suggest that because of their specific character, objective tests may not be under the impact of gender stereotypes.

Keywords: career interests, multimethod diagnostics, Holland´s theory, validity
Pages: 5 – 17
Doi: 10.17846/PP.2018.1.2.5-17
Source: Pomáhajúce profesie, 2018, vol. 1, issue 2, pp.  (PDF)
Language: Slovak